Beloeil (Quebec)
Family history
Our Canada families

In the eighties, I published the history of my father’s family Colin-Laliberté and subsequently, the history of my mother’s family Rivard-Loranger. This kind of work, which implies collecting stories, anecdotes and photographies, takes at least a whole year to get done. Afterwards, I did researches for 9 other families such as the following: Brasseur, Baril, Laforge dit Latour, Benoit, etc.

1- Bériau-Boisclair Family (1731-2000)
From Drummondville, St-Hyacinthe, Acton Vale, St-Camille de Wolfe, Sherbrooke, Coaticook, Montréal and United States
223 pages $70

2- Lucien - A Labelle Family
(sons of Alphonse Labelle and Catherine Thivierge) and Alice Bégin from 1922 to 2002 from Hull
127 pages $50

3- Daragon-Lafrance Family - from 1697 to 2001. Descendants of Amédé Déragon and Delphine St-Onge, from Wickham near Drummondville.
120 pages 50$

4- Brasseur Family 1760-1996 (Isabelle Brasseur’s family) from St-Hyacinthe, St-Valérien, St-Dominique and Vermont
228 pages $70

5- Laliberté-Colin Family (1665-1991)
from St-Hyacinthe, St-Valérien and Acton Vale
163 pages $60

6- Rivard-Loranger Family (1660-1990) from Acton Vale,
Ste-Christine and St-Hyacinthe
128 pages $50

7- Benoit Family 1899-1986
from Drummondville, N-D du Bon Conseil and Nicolet
107 pages $50

8- Cheval-St-Jacques Family
from St-Pie and St-Hyacinthe
35 pages $30

9- Laforge-Latour Family (1705-1992)
from St-Didace and N-Dame du Nord
128 pages $50

10- Baril Family (1674-1994)
from des Grondines, St-Marc des Carrières and St-Pierre-les-Becquets
112 pages $50

11- des Grondines Families,
from origins to 1990
1000 pages $100