Beloeil (Quebec)
1831 census
The 1831 census is pathbreaking.

In the 1831 census, we find the name of the persons included in the census, their profession, their birth location, their religion and their age.


Name Profession Birth location Religion if off limits Residence Age Other
Flavien Blanchard Merchant Lower Canada Catholic - 23 years old Not married
Trefflé Messurette Clerk Lower Canada Catholic - 43 years old Not married
Ursule St-Pierre Servant Lower Canada Catholic - 20 years old Not married
Joseph Fontaine Servant Lower Canada Catholic - 45 years old Not married
Fernand Violletti Surgeon Puerto Rico Catholic - 45 years old Not married

53- 1831 census of Ely Township (Valcourt, Racine and Maricourt)
Volume $50
CD $25